TimeTrak Professional Calendar Settings

May 28, 2018 General,Product Tips,

This tip of the week will take you through what abilities the calendar settings in Professional can provide you with.

Please note: Calendar settings are per user basis.

Calendar Settings are located by the “cog” icon as per the below screen shot.

Clicking this icon will open Calendar Settings as a control window as per below.

There are two tabs in Calendar Settings.


The general tab holds general calendar settings.

Refresh Calendar:

This setting controls how often the calendar screen is refreshed in minutes.

Note: By default the calendar will refresh when something on the calendar is actioned, for example, a new appointment or time entry. The refresh Calendar setting is how often the calendar will refresh when something is not actioned.

It is recommended that this is set to 0 minutes (will not refresh unless something is actioned) unless the calendar is being displayed on an external screen, etc where no actions are being made.

Refresh Position:

This setting controls the position of the screen after it has refreshed. There are three options for users to choose from as per below:

Group By:

This setting controls the grouping of a user’s calendar as well as any workgroup calendars they may have set up.

There are two options for users to choose from as per below:

By Date:

By User:

24 Hour Calendar Time Display:

When enabled this setting will show the calendar in 24 hour format.

Auto Pin Job After Job Creation:

When enabled this setting will automatically pin a job once created. This removes the need to “save & pin” on job creation.

Any new job created will be pinned by default to allow you to schedule straight away.

Open Create Time Entry/ Appointment Screen After Selection

When enabled this setting removes the need to right click and select whether you would like to create a time entry or appointment. Instead selecting a time period will pop a time entry screen if in the past, or an appointment screen if in the future.

Print Scheduler for 24 Hours

When enabled this setting will format all Print Scheduler reports into.

Show Future Days in Two or Three Day View

By Default the 2 and 3 day calendar views show from the start of the week up to the second or third day of the week, making the current day the last on the calendar, this setting sets the current day as the first day in the calendar.

See below example today is Thursday and my calendar is being viewed in a 3 day view:

Show TimeTrak Groups

When enabled this allows the user to display calendars by the TimeTrak Groups.

This can be done by hovering over the “group” icon in My Calendar as per below and selecting the group you would like to view by.

Show Tooltips:

When the users hover over a time entry or an appointment a tool tip will come up with set information and controls for the client, job, task and appointment or time entry as per below example.

Note: Disabling this setting can speed up the loading of Calendars.

Show User Estimate Time of Arrival:

Show the Users Estimated Time of Arrival when they are travelling to a job site.

Show User Time Remaining/ Duration and Appointment Start Time:

If this calendar setting is ticked on the checked in or travel icon will appear under the users name depending on their current status.

The figures are the: Time remaining if traveling or current duration if checked in/ Appointment Start Time

Unpin Task/Job After Time Entry/ Appointment Creation:

When a Task or Job is scheduled or a Time Entry is created this setting will automatically unpin that job for the user.

Timeline Settings:

The below settings relate to timeline view only.

Column Count: Enter in the number of columns of time periods that need to be visible.

Range: Set the time range for the timeline calendar.

Visible Days: Select which days are to be visible in the timeline calendar.


The users tab is where you can select additional users to appear in My Calendar.

In the below example I am logged in as Bridget but I have Greg appearing in the “My Calendar” tab as per below:

This is because in calendar settings under “Users” I have Greg ticked on as per below:

If you have any further questions please contact the TimeTrak team via email: support@timetrak.co.nz or phone NZ: 0800 12 00 99 AU: 1800 60 80 77