Tip: Allow Customer Approval for Jobs

November 28, 2018 General,Product Tips,

Did you know in TimeTrak Professional there is the option to send jobs for customer approval?

To use this feature you must have both TaskTrak and the Client Portal configured.

If you currently do not use these features of TimeTrak, please consult with TimeTrak Support.

TimeTrak Admin Console Settings & Configuration

Once the above are configured, select “Allow Customer Approval” in the TimeTrak Admin Console against profiles for users who will send out customer approval emails.

The Customer Approval link will be then be visible in the TimeTrak Professional menu as per below:

Users assigned to this profile will be able to select Jobs for customer approval.

There are two ways of adding Jobs for the Customer Approval process.

Option 1: TimeTrak Client Portal settings in TimeTrak Admin Console.

  • Login to TimeTrak Admin Console and select Client Portal.
  • Select Customer Approval tab and select “Enable TimeTrak Customer Approval”.
  • Enter approval period and email.

Select Clients tab to add Jobs for customer approval as per the below screen:

Once the above steps are completed, selected Jobs will appear in TimeTrak Customer Approval screen for further action (Refer Customer Approval Screen in TimeTrak Professional below).

Option 2: New Custom Field setting in Job Form.

This setting is dependent on the client already having a login to the Client Portal, but providing Professional users a quick way to identify if the job will require customer approval without the need to go into the TimeTrak Admin Console.

Select Settings – Customisations in Global System Setup to add a new custom field to TimeTrak Job Form.

Specify custom field settings as per the yellow highlighted area:

New custom field now appears on TimeTrak Job Form as per below screen.

Job with new custom field.

Once the Job is saved with this setting ticked, the Job will appear in TimeTrak Customer Approval screen (Refer Customer Approval Screen in TimeTrak Professional below).

Send Jobs for Customer Approval

Once the above task (Option 1 or 2) is completed, open Customer Approval Window to view jobs.

Customer Approval Screen in TimeTrak Professional

Follow the steps to send a job for customer approval or review approved jobs.

Based on the pre-defined email template: Invoice Approval Request sent to Job Contact in TimeTrak Admin Console, the job contact will receive an email notification for job approval.

TimeTrak Client Portal

The customer is required to login to the Client Portal to complete approval process. Approval Status is indicated in different colors on Job Approval screen.

You can either click on single job or select multiple jobs form the above screen. If you wish to review a job, click on it and job details will display as per below:

Once the job is approved by the client, the job manager will receive an email based on the pre-defined email template: Invoice Approved Response from Job Contact in TimeTrak Admin Console.

The Job Manager is now able to see the approved or queried information on the Customer Approval Screen in TimeTrak Professional.

If you have any further questions please contact the Exosoft team via email: support@timetrak.co.nz or phone NZ: 0800 12 00 99 AU: 1800 60 80 77