Tip: Service Unit Form Layout

September 8, 2020 General,Product Tips,

In versions of TimeTrak prior to 19.2, the only Serviceable Unit date that was available on the main form was the created date.

All other dates that needed to be reviewed needed to be added as “custom fields” and were only visible via an extra tab in Professional.

In TimeTrak 19.2, all standard Serviceable Unit date fields have been added to the main form as per below:

What fields are visible for Serviceable Units can now also be defined at a profile level in form layout as per below:

This provides the ability to make certain fields which may be critical to your business “read only” for certain users.

It also allows customers to hide certain fields that are not applicable to the way they use serviceable units.

I.e: Stockcodes and Serials for clients who do not relate their Serviceable Units to items sold via Exo.