User Queues display expanded on APP Home Screen

July 27, 2022 Product Tips,

Previously, when users were assigned to a Profile where there was more than one queue enabled against their Profile:

These queues would display collapsed at the bottom of the home screen in the APP as per below:

In environments where work is not scheduled, and APP users just work through jobs assigned to them in a personalized queue;

E.g.: All jobs with the status “New Job” and the job manager is Bridget

This often meant that even though APP users often have the same permissions, they would be all assigned to separate profiles with only their personalized queue enabled in order to see their personalized queue expanded at the bottom of their APP home screen.

This meant that multiple profiles were required, and if permission needed to be adjusted for APP users, it would need to be made across all APP profiles.

In the latest release of the APP, from API Version is 21.3.10 onwards the same behaviour applies, however;

If a user is assigned to a profile with multiple queues enabled, if one of these queues has their user assigned to the queue as per below:

The personalized queue will be displayed expanded at the bottom of their APP home screen as per below:

Other queues the user has enabled against their Profile can still be accessed by selecting Queues in the search Panel and selecting the queue that is required as per below:

If the logged-in user has access to multiple queues and the user is specified against more than one queue they have access to, the first queue (by Id) will be displayed expanded at the bottom of the home screen with others accessible via the Search> Queues function above.

This enhancement provides APP users who work via queues to have their personalized queue expanded on their home screen without the need to drill into it, as well as less management for staff maintaining TimeTrak user permissions as fewer profiles are required.

It also provides the ability for APP users in this environment to access other users’ personalized queues should they need to. However, this is not the default queue expanded on their home screen.