When copying a time entry with disbursements in TimeTrak Professional – prompt to copy disbursements as well will display

June 28, 2023 Product Tips,

In TimeTrak Professional it is common practice to copy time entries when working on the same job or task the next day or later in the day.

In some instances, a time entry may have disbursements such as travel fees that do not apply to the next time entry (copied time entry) but this is not identifiable in the calendar against the time entry unless the entry is opened and the disbursement count is populated as per below:

From version 22.2.1 when right clicking on a time entry that has disbursements and selecting copy a prompt as per below will appear asking the user whether or not the disbursements should also be copied to the new time entry:

On selecting Yes, the time entry will be copied along with the disbursements.

On selecting No, the time entry will be copied without the disbursements.