Workgroup Enhancements in 22.1 – Group based and ability to limit visibility.

June 21, 2023 Product Tips,

Workgroups are designed to assist with scheduling and can display a selection of staff and resources in set views as well as items within a queue or specified jobs.

The ability to Add and Edit and Delete Workgroups is defined by the below profile setting:

With the above setting enabled users can Add, Edit and Delete Workgroups for themselves.

Note: Only Global Administrators can Add, Edit and Delete global and group based workgroups.

Workgroup visibility can be:

Global – Available to all users

User – Logged in user sets up their own unique workgroups in a view suitable for them (not available to other users).

Group – Workgroup setup for a specific “group” of staff

Note: Group based workgroups are only available to staff who have the profile setting “Show Workgroups for My User Groups” enabled as per below:

When the above profile setting is enabled, the work groups a user can see is dependent on the group assigned to the workgroup being set against the logged in user.

Workgroups display in the below order;

User Work Groups (where the logged in user is the owner)

Group Work Groups

Global Work Groups

User work groups can be ordered

  1. Select Manage Workgroups
  2. Select the logged in user in the drop down (or select the Change User field)
  3. Select the workgroups and use the up/ down arrow to alter the order of the workgroups.
  4. Close

When Show Workgroups for my user workgroups is enabled users may see some group and global workgroups they do not wish to see in their calendar view, there is the ability to hide these by unticking “Visible” in Manage my workgroups as per below:

Users with a lot of workgroups can access a selected work group via the below method: