TimeTrak | Job Management Software

TimeTrak is not just a flexible knowledge management solution, it has added functionality including job tracking, scheduling, inventory management, project management and workplace safety and compliance, making it the perfect full feature solution for any sized contractor across any trade. 

TimeTrak provides one platform where all information is stored. Our Knowledge Base feature allows the storage of any kind of information. From critical site information and client documentation through to drawings or parts information. TimeTrak also has the functionality to attach files, photos or checklists to each article or question. You can also add comments or questions to each article or question.

You have the flexibility to upload, search, view and email articles, questions, documents or photos from either the office or the field. 

Keep critical information with you, wherever you are. 

Accessible from both the office and the field, your team can keep critical information with them at all times. No longer will your technicians need to return to the office, wasting precious billable time. They can retrieve documentation directly from their mobile devices.

Take Hazard registers, parts schemas, etc. with you on the job without the paperwork.

TimeTrak allows your field team to gain access to any information they require while on a client site. It is as simple as if they were sitting right in the office.

Document storage

Store your documents in the cloud and access them anywhere with an Internet connection. TimeTrak offers a powerful document storage solution that allows your team to upload and access files any where.

With the ability to create a variety of knowledge bases for different areas of your business or teams, TimeTrak allows for different visibility levels for your users. Store files directly to a job, client or asset, providing your team with an easy to use document storage and retrieval system that they can use wherever they are.

One place to store it all.

TimeTrak Knowledge Base provides your company with the ability to house all information in one spot. This reduces double ups of paperwork and provides seamless sharing of data. From critical site information and client documentation, to drawings or parts information, or any information that your team require while on site.

Get the right information at the right time.

Being in the field shouldn’t mean that you have a lack of access to information. Our knowledge base gives you the ability to store and share knowledge in an open forum. It allows your team to find the information they need, when and wherever they need it.

Keep your data secure.

This is a great business tool for staff based in the office or the field. It is a secure and accessible way for your team to have the right information available to them when they need it. There is also the ability to lock articles down so that they can only be viewed by certain people or so that they are not editable.

Access across all platforms.

With full integration to the whole TimeTrak suite of products, your team can access, edit and link articles to various other areas of TimeTrak. For instance, chosen articles can be linked to jobs, tasks, contacts, clients, assets or other articles.