Ability to select all users in a workgroup and re-order by user name

August 2, 2023 Product Tips,

Workgroups are designed to assist with scheduling and can display a selection of staff and resources in set views as well as items within a queue or specified jobs.

If permissions are enabled users can create work groups by selecting “Mange Workgroups” icon as per below:

Then select the “Add Work Group” icon as per below:

To create a basic user work group (selection of users) available for the logged in user only:
For more information on work group visibility and settings see below:

  1. Give the workgroup a name
  2. Visibility for the workgroup will default to the logged in user.
  3. Select an applicable colour for the workgroup
  4. Select a schedule view (how you would like this workgroup calendar to default)
  5. Select the users for the work group from the “Available Users” on the left-hand column this will move the users to the right-hand column of users who are included in the work group as per below:

You can select the users from the available user’s column one at a time by clicking on them as per above.

You can also search by username to reduce the available user list and be able to select the user easily as per below:

Additionally you can also search by group, which will list all users with the searched default group as per below.

From release 22.2.3, there is the added ability to “Select All” and “Unselect All” in the workgroup available users list as per below which is great for larger businesses setting up and managing large amounts of staff and resources in workgroups.

Also available from release 22.2.3, there is the ability to re-order users in a workgroup alphabetically.

Again, great for large businesses managing lots of staff, for example there may be 15 staff in a work group and when staff are added and removed the order is often no longer alphabetical which is often preferred.

The added icon below will re-order the Users in the workgroup in alphabetical order as per below:

Once the user selection is finished and ordered as required click SAVE as per below:

And the work group with selected users in the view specified will be available for the logged in user as per below: