Assign multiple serviceable units to a Job, Task or Appointment via TimeTrak APP

May 7, 2024 Product Tips,

Prior to version 23.1.5 when APP users were assigned to a profile with “Assign Serviceable Units” these could be assigned as per below, however this was limited to assigning one unit at a time.

Often when field staff are working on multiple assets onsite these need to be assigned to the job/ task they are working on.
This has now been improved.

Via a Job, Task or Appointment after selecting Serviceable Units and selecting Assign as per below:

A list of Units that can be assigned will be displayed as per below where staff can search and select the unit(s) they wish to assign which will highlight them in green and update the selected quantity count before clicking save.

Note: To un-select a unit, select the item again and it will no longer be highlighted green

ote: The Units that are displayed to be assigned is limited based on the profile setting “Restrict Assign Serviceable Units Search” .
By default, this is set to: Client and Unassigned (all units assigned to the client and all units not assigned to any client)

When assigning to a Task or Appointment the selection is limited even further based on the units assigned to the Job the Task or Appointment is for.