Client “Pop Up Alerts” display on Client, Job and Task within TimeTrak Professional

October 12, 2022 General,Product Tips,

In MYOB Exo against a Client, a “Pop Up Alert” text field allowing 60 characters is available as per below:

When populated, on opening a Job for the Client, this message will be displayed in an account alert as per below:

This field can be added to TimeTrak Professional Custom Fields in order to view and manage client pop-up alerts as per below:

In TimeTrak Professional from version 21.3, the Client pop-up alert is displayed in the Job footer by default with the ability to customize this to show other fields if required as per below:

This functionality has been extended in TimeTrak Professional from 21.3.13, with the client pop-up alert being displayed by default in the footer of Clients and Tasks.

Similar to the Job Footer, these can also be customized to display other fields against a users profile as per below:

Continuing with this functionality against a user’s profile, there is also the ability to customize Appointment, Time Entry and Serviceable Unit Footers within TimeTrak Professional as per below; however, these do not have any “default” values like Client, Job and Task do.