Clock On Functionality within TimeTrak App

December 9, 2022 General,Product Tips,

Clock on/off functionality was introduced in TimeTrak Mobile from version 3.2.40.

This was enhanced from version, providing the ability for recording between the clock on/off being automatically assigned to a non-billable (internal time) analysis code specified against the user’s profile.

To Enable Clock On/Off Functionality:

Users must have the profile setting “Enable Clock On” enabled against their TimeTrak profile:

When enabled, on logging into the TimeTrak App the below message will display.

Users can add a ‘clock on note’ or click ‘ok’ to clock on for the day.

Whilst clocked on, the user can record their time as they complete work for the day.

When clocked on, as per below, a clock-on widget will display at the top of the home screen, which tracks the time the user is clocked on for.

There is an option to collapse this by clicking the arrow icon below:

When the user is finished for the day, they can ‘clock off’ by selecting ‘clock off’ via the clock on widget at the top of their screen as per below:

Or by selecting Menu, clock off as per below:

Again, similar to clock on, users can add a ‘clock off note’ before clicking ‘OK’ to clock off for the day.

Clock on and off information is stored within the TimeTrak database and can be easily reported on, using the TimeTrak Clock On/Off report as per below:

From version 19.3.22, the geo location of the user at the time of clocking on and off is captured and displayed within this report providing the ability to click the geo location and see the users location at the time of clocking on/ off as per the below example:

Assign Clock On “downtime” automatically on Clock Off

In many environments, such as workshops, time not recorded during clock on and off periods should be assigned to a non-billable (internal time) time analysis code.

This can be achieved by selecting a non-billable (internal time) time analysis code against the user profile as per the below example:

When this is enabled, any time not recorded between the clock in and clock off time will be automatically filled with the specified non-billable (internal time) time analysis code on clock-off.

In the below example, the logged-in user clocked in at 17:18 and had only recorded time from 17:30 – 17:45, on clocking off at 18:06 as per below:

The time not recorded is automatically “filled” with the non-billable (internal time) time analysis code of Maintenance Internal Systems as specified against their profile.