Create a Job from a Serviceable Unit in TimeTrak APP

November 3, 2022 General,Product Tips,

From version 22.1.4, the ability to add a job via a Serviceable Unit has been added to the TimeTrak APP to be in line with this functionality in TimeTrak Professional. Read all about Professional’s functionality from here.

Note this functionality is not available within TimeTrak Mobile.

When reviewing a Serviceable Unit within the APP, there is a Jobs option as per below:

On selection, this shows the job(s) the Unit has been assigned to:

From here, field staff can view any current open jobs for the Unit as well as the previous jobs completed.

To create a new job for the Unit, select ADD NEW as per below:

With the same behavior as professional on job creation via a unit:

  1. If the Serviceable Unit has a default contact, this will automatically become the job contact.
  2. If the Serviceable Unit has a site address, this will automatically become the site address for the job (previously, this would always default to the customer’s address).

If the Unit has no site address, the previous behavior still exists (where the client’s delivery address will default to the jobs site address), and no job contact will be selected by default.

On clicking save, a new job for the Unit will be created, and the user will land on the newly created job details screen where they can “check in” as required.

This is a useful feature within the TimeTrak APP allowing field staff to create future jobs or separate jobs for assets while out in the field.