Release Notes – 2017

September 6, 2018 General,Release Notes,

This release note covers from version 3.2.27 to


Client, Contact and Job Screens

The Client, Contact and Job screens have all had an overhaul and extra functionality has been added. Sub Jobs have been added into both TimeTrak Professional and TimeTrak Mobile.

Users can not only see the Master/Sub jobs but create sub jobs against Master Jobs.

There is also a Profile setting which allows a user to see the Master Job attachments while in the Sub Jobs screen in TimeTrak Mobile.

MYOB Exo’s Stock Items Auto Narratives

MYOB Exo’s Auto Narratives are now pulling into Disbursements in TimeTrak Professional and TimeTrak Mobile.

This is a feature which many of our clients use so we are excited to add this functionality.

When a Disbursement is added which has an Auto Narrative saved against it in Exo, the narrative automatically loads into the narration of the Disbursement.

Schedule Only and Sub Contractor Licensing

There has been a lot of demand for alternative licensing and behaviour for different types of users.

Schedule Only licensing is for the user (or Job Cost Resource) which never logs into TimeTrak websites but needs to be scheduled and has a financial implication to the Job.

A Sub Contractor license is for an external contractor with limited access to jobs but allows the contractor to see their appointments and add in their time and materials to their jobs.

Please contact the Exosoft Support Team at for more information.

Send Invoice Report from the TimeTrak Mobile Posting Screen

Mobile users who invoice a client whilst out on site can now produce an invoice which is emailed to the client right there and then.

This report is written in the TimeTrak Report Writer and can be a mirror copy of any MYOB Exo Invoices the organisation may already have.

To find out more click here to read our ‘tip of the week’ on this new feature.

Add Quote Lines to a Job and email a Quote Report

Quote lines can now be added to a job and the Quote report can be emailed out to the client.

The Quote Report is created within the TimeTrak Report Writer and can be set up to look exactly like any already set up in MYOB Exo.

Visibility of the quoting features is a Profile setting.

On the Job Screen in Mobile, the Quote Lines menu item will be visible.

Drill into there to add new Quote Lines and Send the Quote via email to the client.

Ability to set the hours a user can create a time entry for in Profiles

This is for Mobile users only.

Some users may routinely work more hours than the default 10 hours TimeTrak Mobile’s slider is set for, we have added a Profile feature now to allow users to set this value to match the teams needs.

Travel home on last Appointment

When converting the last appointment for the day the user will have a tick box option to Start Traveling Home. This will Start Traveling and capture the time the user travels either back to the head office or home. That time is assigned to the client whom they have just finished work against.

Create Clients

Permissions around Clients are in the Profiles within the TimeTrak Admin Console.

When allowed users can create a new Client (MYOB Exo Debtor) from within TimeTrak Professional.

The screen will look like below:

Manage Work Groups in Mobile

Work Groups can now be managed from Mobile, this allows mobile users to create and amend work groups depending on their requirements for the day.

Perfect for when a work group user is away sick for the day or leaves early.

Serviceable Units Grid in TimeTrak Professional

We have now added a serviceable unit grid to TimeTrak professional, similar to job, contact and client grids. This grid can be popped out to another screen and serviceable units can be created and managed from professional.

Clocking On and Off

TimeTrak Mobile users can now clock on and off and the reason and time is recorded in TimeTrak. Clocking on and off is essentially like a punch card for when the user starts their work day and finishes it. This is not the same as Checking into a job.

When clocking off at the end of the day the user can have all unfilled time spaces be filled with a Non-Productive status, in the time entry narration it will show the clocking note and clock on and off times.

New TimeSheet Verification by Job Report now includes Disbursements

Historically disbursements added directly to the job were only visible in TimeTrak Mobile and on the MYOB Job once they were posted.

We have rewritten the TimeSheet Verification by Job report to include all disbursements which were added directly to the job and these can now be verified and posted from that screen.

New Activity logs for when an Appointment is converted into a Time Entry will show on the Time Entry

In TimeTrak we have been capturing an activity log for most actions a user will take against a Task or time entry for a while, we have also recently been recording any activities against the appointments, in a recent version we have added the functionality that when an Appointment is converted to a time entry, the time entry inherits the Appointments activities so users can now see the full story from when an Appointment is created, to when it is a time entry.

Profile setting to only show stock for Mobile Users who have a stock count greater than 0 for their stock location

There is now an additional profile setting for mobile users which only shows disbursements that have a count greater than 0 for their default stock location.

This profile setting is intended for users that have a vehicle stock location and should only be using stock from this location.

This setting prevents the mobile user from seeing/ selecting stock from another location in error.

Recent jobs have been added to the fill day drop down list on the alerts screen in Professional

As per below the last three recent jobs against a user have been added to the fill day drop down list on the alerts screen in professional allowing users to assign their time to recent jobs quickly.

Profile setting to allow mobile users to view unpaid invoices and issue a payment from the posting screen

We have added the ability for mobile users to view all transactions against a client from the posting screen if the ability to see transactions is enabled against the users profile.

From here users can see all transactions against the account with or without invoice line details depending on the users settings.

This feature is great for mobile users who are also taking payment and loss internet connection, they are easily able to review the transactions and make a payment against the correct invoice on the account.

Ability to split and edit a posted time entry in TimeSheet Manager

TimeSheet Manager now has the ability to split a posted time entry between different labour codes and edit a whole posted time entry to change the labour codes.

These features provide the ability for export to payroll files to be correct and the correct cost against the job to be captured without the charge to the client being altered.

–     A white paper has been written for these features and can be found here

TimeTrak Outlook Add-In now syncs all future time entries

Previously in the TimeTrak Outlook Add-In if ‘Synchronise Time Entries’ was enabled time entries would only sync seven days prior and seven days future.

This has been changed so that time entries behave the same as appointments and sync seven days prior and all future.

This setting allows leave which is generally the only time entry entered more than seven days prior to be visible in outlook.