TimeTrak 20.1 Project Features

Adopting project management best practices, TimeTrak version 20.1 is now featuring project management add-ons such as WBS through Gantt charts, master job - sub job and tasks, sub-tasks structure, project milestones and dependencies. 

11 December 2020

TimeTrak 20.1 Release Notes - What’s New

Welcome to the first and only release of 2020, TimeTrak 20.1. In this version, we have an exciting new look and feel to TimeTrak Professional as well as many new user-friendly features. Please browse through this document to find out more.

04 December 2020

19.3 Enhancements to Serviceable Units

In 19.3, additional Serviceable Unit date fields have been added to the search grids which offer more filtering options. Read this week's tip to find out more.

13 July 2020

TimeTrak Requirements - Version 20.1 Onwards

With the release of TimeTrak 20.1 and versions onwards there is new minimum requirements. Read on.

19 June 2020

Reassign time entry to another job in Professional

In TimeTrak Professional, from version 19.3, as long as a user has the ability to edit a time entry they can then reassign this to another job instead of needing to delete the time entry and create a new one against the correct job as they did previously.

01 June 2020

Appointment Tab Added to Alerts Screen

In TimeTrak from version 19.3, if users have the profile setting “Enable Unbilled Appointment Alarms” enabled the Appointment Tab will be displayed with all overdue appointments irrespective of the delay setting for Alerts.

25 May 2020

Enhancement to Task Loading of Time Entry & Appointment Forms

In TimeTrak 19.3, we have enhanced the way tasks load on time entry and appointment forms in order to provide better visibility of tasks. Read this week's tip to find out more.

18 May 2020

Job Notes Visible from TimeTrak Calendar

Job Notes have been added to the options available in the customisations section of a user’s profile. Read this week's tip to find out more.

11 May 2020

Allow Appointments without a Task - Quick Tasks for Time Conversion

Read this week's TimeTrak tip on allowing appointments without a task - quick tasks for time conversion.

20 April 2020

Multi Person Verification

TimeTrak Professional has verification reports that can be run by user or job that display all time and disbursements entered to allow a manager to verify and amend, if required, prior to posting to Exo.

20 April 2020

Reduce Cost Type or Cost Group Selection

In many businesses cost types and cost groups are used to group data for reporting purposes. Businesses that group and report upon their data this way often ensure that cost type and or cost group are fields which the user selects apon assigning a time entry.

15 April 2020

Time Balancing by Pay Period

Time Balanicng witin TimeTrak is used when businesses require users to record their whole work day within TimeTrak. Read on.

26 March 2020

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